Saturday, July 13, 2019

Globe European Deli Deli Heaven In Costa Mesa, CA

Deli Heaven
Ever since Arnie’s closed down it seems no deli has stepped up to meet the need
As people sped by on Harbor Boulevard and did not the sign in a strip mall heed
Heading from the beach past Triangle Square just past 19th street
On you right hand side is a deli that a gourmet or gourmand would want to find a seat
A Euro Deli with a German twist and flair
Specializes in sandwiches and German fare
A poet’s pick, roast beef cooked there
Piled high to order and deliciously rare
All other meats also served on fresh selections of bread
Taste buds to and satisfaction after one bite wed
Bratwurst, knockwurst and knackwurst to the palate grace
Or try the rouladen, schnitzel or kassler at this place
If you were to sample the goulash at this deli
Would be followed by a “Oh My Gosh” as you patted your full belly
No dining is complete without a fine German beer
Quickly bottles or a glass on draft will appear
At 1928 Harbor head to the Globe European Deli
Guarantee you will be thanked by your wallet and belly
© July 12. 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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