Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Blue Debate Trying To Unite Versus Trump

The Blues to a person are trying so hard to out demonize the others with respect to Trump
But when they realize they cannot run just on a platform of into the trash heap him dump
They crash into the wall advancing ideas that in middle America will not sell
Listen and you can hear the rejections and the candidacies into their death knells
They want an open border and to illegals crossing their act decriminalize
And anyone like Trump who wants a secure border must be chastized
With views of Americans on border security totally at odds
Millions of illegals driving down wages bringing crime and drugs an idea flawed
Medicare for all with private insurance scrapped
For those will collective bargaining makes the Blues look like saps
For seniors with Medicare adding millions including illegals moves Medicare sooner into bankruptcy mode
A health care system they paid into for many years will then soon implode
Single payer for all will mean a total disaster
Look only to Canada or Britain to see how health care they have failed to master
Too many millions of dollars that will have to be spent
Wait times rising off the charts for patients to the operating rooms to be sent
Sanders at least was honest to alert us to the facts
To pay for their health care middle class will face increases in their taxes
Climate change to be addressed by the curtailment big time of fossil fuel
Even though no evidence that reduction in use would be an effective tool
Clear evidence it would be a massive loss of jobs
Food on the tables of city dwellers it would rob
No solar powered or battery powered semis to carry into the cities needed food
Anyone who discounts starvation on massive scale is a contemptible pseud
Imposing massive taxes on the wealthy will not jobs create
The lust for more revenues by the Blues will not sate
Gains made to get out of the economic misery of© the Obama years
Will be lost maybe forever marked by gnashing of teeth and flow of tears
Take on the debate tonight
As Blues hone up to take it to the Trump fight
Trump must be defeated due to the fact he is Trump
Without a plan to improve our lives Blues must think we are idiotic chumps
© July 31, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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