Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Race Card Kills Assimilation

The Blues are shuffling off to give illegals the right to vote
In California that possibility is looking less and less remote
First in San Francisco the right of parents to vote in school board elections
To make sure when requirements to learn English only can be met with rejection?
Now the Blues want to give illegals the right to hold party positions
To move one step further to achieve the rationale for open border ambition
Illegal voting by illegal aliens may be caught
But the children born here or naturalized as Dreamers will not
Since Blues believe they hold the Hispanic vote hostage
To overcome the white male pro Red wastage
All efforts to voter id deny
Day of voting registration to allow illegals to slip by
Our demographics have been changing since the landing at Plymouth Rock
But until now time to brace yourself for this terrible shock
The Melting Pot has congealed and assimilation is mainly barred
The Blues only care about tearing down and tossing the racist card
Immigrants at Ellis Island were drawn by the American Dream and love of country and flag
Now respect for our founding fathers and their principles are hit with revision and lags
No wonder Nike who hopefully will experience staggering customer loss
Due to Kaeperknick’s rants pulled shoes with the flag of Betsy Ross
© July 3, 2019 Michael P. Ridley

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