Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Out of Order and Condemnation Phlegmatic leaders AWOLlon T

Pelosi was held out of order for her over the top disparaging Trump remarks
But the Blues rallied to their speaker protect to condemn Trump for a false path of racism to embark
Lost in the uproar and MSM anti-Trump slant are the lies and deceit of the Squad
Attacks on Israel and this country policies that are troubling and flawed
Comparing detention to Nazi concentration camps and Pence to Himmler and the SS
The truth of the Holocaust to denigrate the 6 million deaths and the truth of that genocide to repress
False claims of human rights violations and children out of toilets drinking
With the worst acts of the Nazis to Jews the Squad to Trump linking
The false charge of racism without basis charged with impunity
The Squad believes they can lie and deceive Americans with impunity
Believing as Trump does that an open border to our way of life is a disaster
The flow of drugs, human trafficking, crimes and illegals our way of life threatened,  we have to master
Does not make him a racist when the facts are so very  clear
The wave of illegals in black and Hispanic communities will make their gains disappear
The Bues and the MSM have chosen to ignore policy discussions and instead attack the man
All the while ignoring the issues and possible solutions with heads buried deep in the sand
On this day the Blues chose to continue to ramp up the rhetoric over the top
Insureing that any solution to immigration, health care, opioid abuse and other issues come to a stop
There are no phlegmatic Blues only ideologues with grabbing power agendas to pursue
Americans will see that absence of racism and the acts on this day the Blues will come to rue
© July 16, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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