Monday, July 1, 2019

Countdown to the 4th at Newport Beach

On Canada Day in Newport Beach vacant street parking is a thing of the past
Beach front rental occupants are clogging the stores to make sure supplies of beer, wine and food will last
On the 4th to celebrate Independence Day libations on the patios flowing quickly are on display
The streets clogged with party goers to celebrate without break on this Independence Day
Freedom of Movement is a freedom on this day put in suspense
As outnumbered police are armed with barriers they soon will dispense
If you came in to the Peninsula in early morn like a crab you can get in but you can’t get out
All manner of mostly skin thongs and tops in red, white and blue are wandering about
A parade of clothing red, white and blue
Always in search for another cold brew  
The cars turn into snails
Steady movement fails
Only the bikers, skate boarders and peds
Have any chance to from one patio party to another move ahead
Too much wine and way too much beer
Washing away the patriotic fervor that should be here
Noise builds and the spirits loosen all restraint
The partygoers may be patriots but not saints
Too many celebrants with too much to drink
The kegs and cases sever the Valley Forge commemoration link
The minors are the first to go, plucked out of patios for being not of age
Then the drunks in public who can no longer win in the struggle to stay upright wage
Finally the ones who have failed to their consumption slow or stop
Hopefully not on the sidewalk or street but in a patio when they finally drop
The Newport Hilton with its iron bars may be standing room only at the end of the day
With party goers surprised that at these accommodations they are forced to stay
In years past the celebrations got completely out of hand
Sofas set fire after being dragged into the streets or onto the sand
With Lyft and Uber thank God the DUIs will be down
As drivers with an option will avoid stuck in peds traffic in this town
A fond hope as this nation is beset by foreign issues that are challenging to cope
To remember the brave band of patriots that grabbed a lion’s tail to have smote
From Bunker’s Hill to New York, many thought this band of patriots had little chance
Against the strongest army and navy but when the smoke cleared the quest for freedom did advance
From Boston, to Trenton, to Saratoga  and finally to Yorktown
The resolve to shed Redcoat blood was slowly worn down
A new nation to rise up from the blood of patriots
Never ending in the desire of freedom from a king they sought
Celebrate hearty even as one parties into the night
Freedom will never be lost if we honor our heroes and patriots are willing to fight
© July 1, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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