Monday, July 29, 2019

Gabbard v. Google Over Google Campaign Interference

We live in a world where without access to social media you cease to exist
It is high time for the people and Congress to rise up and the tyranny of Silicon Valley resist
Like the deceitful phrase “Work will make you free.”
“Algorithm” is a euphemism to deny access for you and me
Not only to those who advocate and incite violence and bodily harm
Acts for all us should sound the sirens, raise the alarms
No, far more dangerous to our democracy from social media searches involving political ideas we are banned
Google and Facebook want us to believe it’s only a formula not driven by bias or human hands
Worse than shadow banning is the termination of account for violating codes of conduct
Which are arbitrary, over reaching and impossible for even lawyers to deduct
The thoughts that trigger suspense are thoughts that disagree with social media giants’ views
 If one airs a conservative thought as a Red way more likely to be terminated than a liberal thought of a Blue
Combat zone vet Tulsi Gabbard after first Blue debate had her Google Ad account closed down
Putting a kiss of death on her campaign in a field in which too many candidates are found
She has filed a law suit charging Google with election interference
So similar to political hacks ripping down signs from lawns and fences
But even worse since potential voters seeking you will you not find
Without access to potential voters who become donors you will fall behind
Social Media companies are like the utilities that must provide service to all
Unless users are using profanity or urging violence Social Media cannot erect a wall
Congress is now opening an investigation so we may be walking a thin tight rope
A balance to all right and left or regulation that may lead down a slippery slope
© July 29, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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