Monday, July 22, 2019

CNN And MSNBC Over Use Racist Car

Listening to CNN and MSNBC is like listening to a dealer in blackjack
Calling out again and again the winning cards you lack
Instead of two decks of cards to make harder to keep track
There’s only one from the to be dealt stack
It is the race card and regardless of number it means bust
No matter what the dealer shows it’s an over 21 must
It is the race card regardless of suit or number
Over and over again a “racist” card dealt will your chances of winning if hit be encumbered
Unless you believe in the tooth fairy or pots of gold
You will never take a hit and always with two cards hold
When the dealer is showing six and you have a pair of aces to split
2 race cards and over 21 and 2 busts into which you tip
Doesn’t take long to pick up your chips and go home
With the mantra of racist ringing in your middle ear bones
You no longer want or desire  to play
You know you’re not a racist today and every day
Dealer on that call has only a deaf ear
He is trained only to the mantra adhere
Dealt again and again the racist card loses its shock and demeaning
You are starting to from the game start weaning
As do the fellow players who are offended by the false card
Dealer over and over again with a racist chant more and more like a retard
And so it is with the left shorn of ideas to solve real issues for the mainstream to survive
They can call “racist” again and again but their chance of winning they will not revive.
© July 22, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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