Monday, June 25, 2018

Time For Over The Top Rhetoric To End

The growing divide as civility and reason disappear should cause deep concern
No longer arguments over ideas only a person’s character to trash and burn
Society is now like a Buffalo Springfield song “There's battle lines being drawn
Nobody is right if everybody is wrong”
An opponent used to be a person with bad ideas has been replaced
With a opponent is a bad person with bad ideas and should be disgraced
Dehumanize your opponent to subject him or her to ridicule and harm
No wonder calm minds should be sounding the dog whistle alarms
If your opponent is subhuman then anything is fair game
From death to injuries that severely wound and maim
To hurl the charge of Nazi on Trump and his supporters is the clarion call to the left
To take to the streets against an inhuman menace perceived to be guilty of theft
Of values and perceptions of who they believe we are as a nation
By subhumans worthy not of discussion but only damnation
When working for the President equates with not being worthy of eating a meal
As the hatred and vitriol against Trump is open and not concealed
We are sinking into the dark violent abyss
Where subhumans have no rights and must be dismissed
Where resistance not compromise on common ground is the only creed
A nation shorn of solutions of any kind to our pressing needs
© June 25, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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