Friday, June 15, 2018

Open Season on Police

The thin Blue Line and the thin Green Line are under line of duty strain
44 uniforms this year marked by deadly, bloody red stains
Open season on cops killed in the line of duty
Lives cut short before enjoying all of life’s beauty
Too often targets of open hostile scorn
Trying to protect the slim threads of civility from being shorn
To wear the badge remains a constant source of mortal danger
From a traffic stop to serving a warrant to responding to a disturbance call or even a park ranger
When a officer suits up at the station to go on patrol
Will he achieve that day coming home for dinner in one piece goal
Zero tolerance for assaults on officers as respect for law unwinds
Guilty if charged and tried must mean long prison time
Black Lives do matter
So too Blue as society’s peace is shattered
But for the thin lines of Blue and Green to protect and serve
Imagine a world where we were responsible for our safety to preserve
Armed to the teeth packing heat
Confined to our houses afraid to drive or walk in the streets
Not a pleasant thought
A society in total rot
© June 15, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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