Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Photo Opts on the Border Favor Blues

Ever since Janet Reno authorized armed agents of the FBI to a Miami house raid
The optics of a child separated from family members never makes the hit parade
 7 year old Elian Gonzales lost his mother trying to from Cuba flee
Maternal relatives took him in but Reno ignored their pleas
A father lived in Cuba and wanted back his son
After weeks of delay and litigation with pointed guns that was what was done
The child looked terrified and one could only imagine the screams
What about question of what being best for the child—Castro’s Cuba or chance for American Dream?
 At the border it is bad optics déjà vu illegals coming across with children playing the asylum card
Housing adults waiting trial for illegal entry with children who may or may not be theirs is now barred
Until Congress acts we have only a choice of releasing children to protective custody or letting the family unit go
Knowing that their promise to appear in court is an empty one and they will never at a hearing show
We need to change the law so unaccompanied minors are sent back
Family unit stays together and their asylum hearing put on fast track
We need more ICE, immigration judges, and detention centers and the building of a wall
Funnel the illegals to ports of entry where petitions for asylum are heard in Mexico and those coming across slowed  a crawl
The photo opts of children dragged from their parents will reach all but the most callous hearts
We cannot let the Blues seize the issue to flip House and Senate on us they are able to impart
© June 19, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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