Monday, April 9, 2018

Rogue Witch Hunt Raids Trump's JD

The best defense is often to go on the offense to try to preempt
What Mueller has done re Trump's lawyer Micheal Cohen merits contempt
We are facing some major issues facing American on our national security scene
Gas attacks, trade war jitters, national guard to the border, meeting with Rocket Man but Trump bashing by MSM Trump bashing we cannot wean
We have just witnessed another gas attack by Assad for which we must consider our reaction
Meeting with his advisers on a military response Trump is hit with a great distraction
That has Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer jumping with glee
Scary times to be distracted in the home of the brave and land of the free
In a no knock raid in the early morn, the discredited FBI raids the home, office and hotel of Trump’s JD
Mueller’s witch hunt finger prints on this for all of us outraged citizens to see
In Mueller’s mind still pissed because he is not heading the FBI
Perfectly willing to the sacrosanct attorney client privilege deny
This rogue special prosecutor the supposed paragon of integrity with Clinton sycophants stacked his deck
To regardless of the facts and no Russian collusion pushing forward to Trump’s agenda be subject to reject
The FBI and Wray have missed deadline after deadline to turn over documents for House oversight
FISA abuses, Clinton email false investigation, and quid pro quo with a FBI tooth and nail fight
But at the drop of a hat and outside the guidelines on search warrants ignore and bend
Not the mob destroying evidence like HRC but a lawyer for the president a chilling messenger to send
What lawyer after seeing Cohen’s office and files ransacked
Is going to want to join the Trump legal team and this witch hunt attack?
Rosenstein has his fingerprints all over the FISA abuses that put this nation’s democracy in great danger
Part of the deep state FBI that are working 24/7 to eliminate Trump as a true politics as usual game changer
Total distraction for Trump as he also faces the threat of a trade war due to with China’s trade practices and IP theft
While with tax cuts and deregulations trying to despite 24/7 Blue obstructions GNP growth trying to heft
We still are awaiting the IG’s report on FBI misconduct but to reinvigorate the Trump agenda we are running out of time
Time to shut down this witch hunt where with respect to Trump only bias and not a shred of a crime  
© April 9, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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