Wednesday, April 18, 2018

California's Clown, A Danger To Golden State

Moonbeam is a dangerous pathetic clown whose policies have destroyed the former luster of the Golden State
Finally cities and counties are rising up in anger over Blues on immigration wanting to open the illegal floodgates
Sanctuary policies when it comes to protecting residents from crime by illegals are completely unsound
Putting us at risk so more illegals could vote for these pathetic Blue clowns
News today should send shivers of fear down each and everyone’s spine
Detainer requests notwithstanding dozens upon dozens of felon gang members released not deported after serving time
California thanks to Moonbeam leads the nation in returning instead of deporting illegals to the streets
To assault, rape, murder, maim in a perfect storm to our safety defeat
Brown and Becerra and every Blue who supports this sanctuary mess
Have blood on their hands and deserve the wrath of voters’ distress
Moonbeam so out of touch with the reality of mere mortals’ safety fears
Dismisses our concern as Fox Fake News with a mightier than thou sneer
The danger is real and there is not a cleanser in the world than could clean these bloody stains
It is not xenophobic when undeported MS-13 members kill with complete disdain
Need to remind voters in graphic detail
Of needless deaths like Kate Steinle on the campaign trail
Unleash the victims’ families with their stories of grief to tell
Maybe the voters will get it and not buy the sanctuary hell the Blues are trying to sell
Please read this compelling report
Should end the myth of Sanctuary support
© April 18, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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