Monday, April 9, 2018

Higher Disloyalty Not Higher Loyalty

The spineless former pot of the FBI has just been called a liar by his boss kettle
While he prepares to ape Hillary with a book tour to prove his and the FBI’s mettle
Not sure who picked the title of Comey’s book
But suspect its contents will prove his oath to the Constitution he forsook
Higher Loyalty should be by Higher Disloyalty be replaced
The FBI is supposed to be independent of politics and totally above reproach
Comey blew that idea off when he failed to standup against Lynch’s call it a matter approach
Compounded his lack of spine when he started composing his HRC exoneration before HRC’s interview
Not taped, conducted by Strzok who conveniently ignored all destruction of evidence clues
Comey leaked to the press the false anti-Trump DNC and HRC dossier
Knowing that by so doing Trump would fire him and bring a special prosecutor into play
By none other than Rosenstein who wrote the memo to Trump to Comey’s firing justify
While he and senior members of FBI continue to the oversight of Congress defy
On the near eve of an IG’s report that should cook the DOJ’s and FBI’s goose
Mueller distracts with Stormy Daniels to unleash the dogs of distraction and set them loose
No knock raid more appropriate for a mob seeking to evidence destroy
Not Trump’s lawyer destructing the attorney client privilege we are supposed to enjoy
© April 9, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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