Thursday, April 19, 2018

Do Not Crucify Pompeo On LGBTQ Cross

In the very near future President Trump may be meeting with Kim Jong Un to move toward a Korean Peninsula nuke free
A state of affairs that would be in the best interests of all concern which is something only an idiot would disagree
Trump will need to be prepared and have his A Team at his side
We may have only one chance to ebb this nuclear proliferation tide
Pompeo needs to be confirmed as Secretary of State
Confirmation hearings cannot be delayed, we cannot wait
Yet for no other reason other than to obstruct
10 Blues in the Senate even those who voted to confirm as CIA are the lamest excuses trying to construct
Menendez is all bent out of shape because he was not informed of Pompeo’s secret trip
Feinstein in opposing Pompeo appears to be entering dementia’s deadly grip
Murphy of Connecticut is a firm no
Cardin of Maryland with concern for American Muslims and LGBTQ puts on a pathetic grandstand show
Kaine likewise who as Hillary’s running mate as a candidate was a complete flop
So far the only Blue showing any sense is Heidi Heitkamp who will not vote to Pompeo’s nomination stop
Anyone hiding behind the sham argument that Pompeo would be a puppet of Trump
Should take that fallacy to the nearest landfill or dump
You do not graduate first in your West Point Class as a yes man puppet
Nor do you run two companies venture capital financed as a wishy washy spineless Muppet
Blues need to end this biased politicized obstructionist treason
Stop opposing his nomination without any valid rhyme or reason
© April 19, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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