Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter And The Death Of Compromise

On April 1, 2018 we celebrate the resurrection of Christ a tenet of what Christians believe
In what should be a moment of joy in the lands of his teachings and birth, many grieve
In Gaza Palestinians are in violent protest with 100 wounded and 16 killed
Another day, another bloody day and more entries on the butcher’s bill
In Syria the rattling of sabers is getting more and more intense
The Russians indicating if their forces were attacked the bear would not stay on defense
On the domestic front Moon Beam, Becerra and Schaaf are in open revolt
Pardoning felons or warning them of coming raids so they could bolt
Never on issues have we as a people been more polarized
Civility and tolerance to listen to the other side in terminal demise
Children early on learn to do what their parents do not what their parents say
So evident when watching the Parkland protests of refusal to listen to the other side on display
When know from tectonics that our plates move an inch or so apart or toward each other after 365 days
The fault lines between Reds and Blues are picking up speed as Blues espouse an open border as their creed
Obstructing, scorching earth to insure that Trump’s agenda does not succeed
Trump is not shy to join the fray with his fake news tweets instead of sleeves up to lead
Orange County is looking like County Sumpter surrounded by water on one side
An on the other three, a pro illegal hysterical rising tide
Lost in the rhetoric is the fact that the Blues could have had a DACA deal
That might have helped to this growing chasm heal
Would not come to the table
Espousing the Schumer and Pelosi want to compromise fable
The result $1.3 trillion with no wall, no end to lottery or chain
Another chance for compromise washed down the drain
A column of illegals moving forward to our southern border like a colony of army ants
To exploit the loophole of refugee status as soon as this side of the border their feet plant
Or be caught and given a deportation hearing for which they will never appear
Into our cities and towns into the underground economy just disappear
Never to be seen again until with the passage of time
They against citizens, legals or illegals commit a violent crime.
Compromise has died and has been entombed  many years or months ago
But unlike Christ there is no moved stone that used to block the entrance to show
© April 1, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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