Monday, April 2, 2018

Acosta Blows His Casket Watching Kids Fill Easter Baskets

There is only one redeeming thing one can say about Jim Acosta and that is this
Each time he opens his mouth he falls deeper into the advocacy journalism abyss
Each time easier to smell him even if upwind from the stench of Cack
Residues from another fake news CNN attack
But this latest ethics and decorum breach has clearly crossed the line
Of the values of decency and respect for children the all but sociopaths define
At of all places the White House Easter Egg Roll
Undeterred by norms of behavior on his anti-Trump goals
Shouting out questions about DACA and why DACA he wanted to kill
Angry, hateful and shrill, a walking poster child for someone who really needs to chill
Time and place to question the president but not on the White House Lawn Easter Egg Roll
There will be plenty of time and places to pursue his inane goals
Acosta let kids remain in their kid space for just a while
Before they are shoved kicking and screaming into your world of partisan bile
Be thankful that the parents were taking pictures and their anger to you did not relay
“STFU you little worm Acosta and stop ruining our kids’ day”
Be thankful you still have a press pass
After this little temper tantrum your days in White House as press should not last
© April 2, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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