Monday, April 9, 2018

Persky & McHenry Soft On Rape Birds Of A Same Feather

Sexual harassment and rape are some of the most heinous crimes
One would think that Blues supposedly on the ramparts against the war on women would demand prison time
Brock Turner an aspiring swimmer at Stanford raped behind a dumpster an unconscious female
 She awoke on a hospital gurney with abrasions and cuts giving proof with witnesses to her being sexually assailed
After a compelling 7,000 word victim’s statement that went viral  from Emily Doe
In the courtroom waiting to see what justice  Judge Persky appointed by Gray Davis on Brock Turner bestow
Persky a six month jail sentence imposed upon Brock
Talk about for this poor victim a terrible emotional shock
Rape an unconscious women behind a bin of trash
Served only three months and against Persky a firestorm of backlash
On June 5, the voters in Santa Clara County will vote on whether Judge Perksy should be recalled
Not since 1932 has a judge been removed by voters in a county who must have been really appalled  
When it comes to sentencing over active reptilian brains, judges must be slow learners
Shades of Persky's tap on the wrist six month sentence for Stanford student Brock Turner
In a gang rape in Colorado Springs of a 13 year old Judge McHenry sentenced two thugs to only 10 years of probation
This judge most likely a Blue appointed by a Blue governor should hopefully face removal damnation
When a 19 year old and 20 year old rape a 13 year old, no if ands or buts you should go to prison for two to six years
Not a tap on the wrist probation so from his chambers the Colorado Supreme Court or its Senate hopefully will from his chambers him by removal steer
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