Saturday, April 21, 2018

Blue Opposition To Pompeo Total Disgrace

In Asia it is critical for a person or a nation to save face
When or if lost one’s standing is met with condemnation and disgrace
We in this polarized nation are in all aspects of politics facing a dangerous trend
24/7 obstruction that when it comes to dealing with foes must come to a complete end
Three presidents have tried and completely failed
To successfully North Korea’s nuclear quest curtail
Trump the fourth is completely of a different breed
Signs that finally Trump’s warnings of destruction Kim will heed
Trump has inherited from Clinton, Bush and Obama an utter mess
When it comes to number of countries with nukes we need not more but less
Blues and the MSM have pounded Trump on diplomacy for shooting from the hip and too many tweets
Yet when he nominates the CIA Director as Secretary of State the Blues save one are lining up to a nomination defeat
On grounds he lacks experience or that he is not mentally or emotionally up to the job?
On grounds that he believes diplomacy is a waste of time and will too quickly missiles lob?
Soldiers who graduate number 1 at West Point and have served in the Iraq War to see death and soldiers maimed
Want to avoid war through strength and diplomacy backed by strength as their most fervent aim
Pompeo is no Patton chomping at the bit to win on a battlefield unfettered glory
Unless a really vital national interest is threatened, he knows American filled body bags and maimed bodies are nugatory
No Pompeo is opposed by the Blues for their progressive LGBT base to appeal
Believing that he will not advance the LGBT cause with any rabid zeal
We cannot be the morality police for the rest of earth to LGBT mores impose
But we can be with Pompeo at Trump’s side a strong deterrent to nuclear proliferation woes
© April 21, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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