Tuesday, April 10, 2018

All Hands On the Border Moonbeam

We are facing again an illegal alien tidal wave
Along with the flotsam of cartel opioids sending thousands of Americans to an early grave
Trump sounds the all hands on deck urgent call
Will put National Guard on the border to this tidal wave stall
Three border states with Mexico immediately started sending troops
The largest, California under Moonbeam, is coy on whether he will join that patriotic group
He is studying the situation while drugs and illegals continue to cross
Making California, a sanctuary state, a mockery of the rule of law as into trash the idea of a border to toss
The word must be going out to the coyotes and cartel that the Golden State’s border is a welcome mat
Where opioid deaths and deaths from illegals whether by murder or DUI are dismissed as a collateral damage stat
A magnet for illegals and cartel drugs funneled into entry at the Golden State
Watch for the tide at three states on the border to ebb while the numbers into California surge and do not abate
With a million driver’s licenses in illegal alien hands as a first step for illegals to vote
Any chance of Brown joining the battle and stopping illegal almost certain future Blue voters is remote
California has been reduced to a Banana Republic where in “elections” you select from two Blue top primary vote getters
Reds left out and the lefter and lefter Blues can ruin the state with higher taxes, higher spending, more regs totally unfettered
The only chance for the leftist pendulum to the far left swing to end and then come back
Is for the middle class and their tax payments  to from this state flee to low cost, low tax, low regs states that on the rule of law on illegals do not lack
If by chance illegals voting or legal Hispanics started to vote their pocket books and for jobs and elect Reds
In a New York second, the Blue support for open borders and sanctuary status would be quickly shed
© April 10, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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