Friday, July 7, 2017

Trump on a role in ISIS Fight

Here is a best kept secret and why Muslims in the fight against terror should cast their lot with the West
ISIS beheadings are brutal, a terrible why to die, how can we their march to destroy arrest?
When it comes to a body count of the victims of Radical Islam
It’s the Muslims who more likely than not are in the way in deadly harm
Suicide bombings in a steady stream of death and mayhem
Time for the Arab world and all Muslims to Radical Islam forcefully condemn
An example of death and destruction in the Sinai
ISIS suicide bomber and 35 Egyptian soldiers die
Daily in Muslim lands suicide bombers and IED’s light up the sky
To Muslims caught in the crosshairs all security and safety to deny
Trump’s let’s make a deal approach in Middle East
Is bringing the Egyptians and Saudis together to destroy the Radical Islam beast
Qatar for its alliance with Iran and support of terror now in the crosshairs
Trump doing the art of the deal to destroy terror when Obama’s cupboard of ideas were totally bare
NATO increasing the amount of defense it will spend
LNG to Eastern Europe to fight the energy Russian dependence trend
Job growth going off the charts
While from the path of obstruction the Blues refuse to depart
Slowly but surely the jobs will come back
And maybe more MSM advocacy “journalists” will help by being sacked.
 © July 7, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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