Saturday, July 15, 2017

Our Growth Crucified on Cross of Russian Collusion Delusion

It is time for the Blues to stop and take a very deep breath
They are running aground like a pack of rabies infected dogs or addicts on meth
Pelosi’s last shred of sanity has snapped
Shifting gears starting to get behind the impeachment rap
Jesse Jackson who looked like a very tired old man is the latest leftist who cannot admit
Quite candidly looks like on reality he is losing his grip
Claimed in Chicago that Hillary won the election because she won the popular vote
Clearly the chances of Jackson’s having read the Constitution much less understood it are very remote
The Electoral College determines who will in the Oval Office sit
Trump waxed her because other than in a few large liberal states, most working Americans believed she was unfit
But Jackson continues to beat the drums and blow the dog whistles of hate
Claims the election was stolen and Trump’s agenda dismiss and denigrate
Comey should have been fired day one for his “investigation” of HRC ‘s server was a total spineless sham
Hobbled by Lynch and Obama’s assertions of nothing there, a total scam
The master of the art of the deal on the fake news of Russian collusion
Is asleep at the switch on this one and should have no illusion
With the MSM and the Blues he and the Reds are in a political war of no quarter
The MSM “journalists” are Blue operatives no longer news reporters
Trump has to shift the narrative back to taxes, health care, security and infrastructure brick and mortar
No more shifting stories, release the “dirt” this lawyer plant provided and talk about securing our border
Somewhere in the Swamp there has to be some experts in political damage control
Hire them, stop tweeting and get his agenda back on a winning roll
McConnell needs to change the filibuster rules to a simple majority vote
Put some earplugs in and   shove Trump’s nominees and his agenda down Shumer’s obstructionist throat
July 15, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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