Thursday, July 20, 2017

Report a Rape Shot By Cops Her Fate

The Black Lives Matter that cops are predators of blacks myth
Has just delivered to an innocent Australian about to be a bride a deadly gift
Her “crime” was to call 911
Hearing screams that maybe a rape had just begun
Called again after 8 minutes to make sure the dispatcher had the address right
Finally the cops arrived and Ms Damond approached the car in pajamas with no weapon in sight
Only to be fatally shot by Officer Noor
As she approached the patrol car door
No body cams or dashboard cams turned on to record this tragic scene
Only after the wave of killings of cops this could have been foreseen
Each cop must now feel that he or she wears not a badge but a bulls eye
Wondering if today in response to a call for help is the day he or she will die
An ambush by a woman in pajamas seems hard too remotely believe
But days after the assassination of a mother it is chilling what the anti-cop rhetoric has achieved
Two officers placed on administrative leave with a city facing a certain wrongful death suit
The consequences of the Black Lives Matter “cops are killers” mantra bearing deadly fruit
If it is the perception in the station,  squad cars and on the beat
That it’s open season on them and citizens are not there to greet
But to kill or maim, watch anarchy rise and civilization retreat
The drums of anti police hatred and revenge continue to beat
© July 20, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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