Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blues Ignore McCain's Plea For Compromise

You have to admire McCain flying back to the Swamp after being diagnosed with cancer of the brain
Real class act by a Senator who the current gridlock clearly disdains
The only adult in the chambers of the Senate
Bemoaning that my way or the highway had become its main tenet
Calling out Senators on both sides for gridlock
Any chance of getting anything done totally blocked
McCain came across as a Senator of the old school
While too many of his colleagues came across as fools
Applauded when he urged them to the journalists and talk show hosts ignore
Their rhetoric getting in the way of accomplishment of anything on the Senate floor
A standing ovation of both Blues and Reds
A nation held its breath to see if there was any hope partisanship might be shed
A glance at emails from Warren, Sanders, Harris, Schumer, Murray et al shows rabid partisanship alive and well not dead
We are sick of the temper tantrums of spoiled brats who in the middle refuse to meet
While the Trump agenda of jobs, safety, tax cuts and infrastructure languish and face defeat
Party before nation, raising money for reelection their focused
Hands out for cash from the lobbyists, cheaply selling their souls
Too many deaf ears in the Senate unwilling to hear or if heard refusing to budge
A true Swamp choking us all with rabid partisanship sludge
© July 26, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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