Monday, July 24, 2017

Graubart Jumps For Joy Over McCain Cancer fin

Jonathan Graubart represents what is wrong with higher education and how divisive we have become
After learning that McCain has brain cancer with prayers pouring in his Facebook his post should stun
The poly sci professor at SDSU is outraged that strangers are expressing support
For someone whom he considers a war criminal and to the Hague we should report
The rules of engagement in Vietnam went to great lengths to prevent civilian loss in the North from the air
While for the American pilots shot down like McCain torture and privation was their daily fare
How can someone call himself a human being for expressing over a diagnosis of cancer total joy
This sick professor also as each pilot was shot down and headed in chains to the Hilton in Hanoi
Could probably not his happiness over the punishment and torture restrain
Feel sorry for any student dumb enough to be forced to listen to his attack on America refrain
McCain may have his faults but to add “war criminal” to his very short  list
Shows how on the body higher learning Graubart is more like a cancerous cyst
Ironic that because of the deeds of men and women like McCain in uniform
Graubart has the freedom to fail to basic decency norms conform.  
A news flash to Professor Graubart
You are an idiot not at all very smart!
© July 24, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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