Friday, July 7, 2017

De Blasio Off To Hamburg Skips Cop Funeral

When it comes to idiocy and narcissism Bill de Blasio takes the cake
Off to the G20 with his progressive ideas half baked
A city reeling with a mother of three cop murdered in her patrol car
De Blasio off to Hamburg to Trump’s ideas try to bar
New York City may have a robust economy but it is not a nation state
Governed by a mayor who with his progressive ideas and sanctuary city is at best 4th rate
His place is not in Hamburg's streets but at a swearing in of new officers and the funeral mourning her assassination death
Instead in search of a spotlight he has left
When it comes in the Big Apple to supporting the police, de Blasio is MIA
No wonder on police funerals if he is present their backs to him display
Police deaths in the line of duty are up by  almost  20 percent
How many spouses and children worry the man or woman with a shield to the morgue will be sent
Daily to protect and serve cops put their lives on the line
De Blasio has more important fish to fry, doesn’t have for this ceremony or funeral the time
Pity the poor New Yorkers who under his regime have had to endure
Failed policies with a devastated police force struggling to public safety insure
This mayor represents a war on police run amok
The thin blue line he seems hell bent to destruct
No wonder the men and women in blue on him turn their backs
Any support for this mayor he totally lacks
Hope the G-20 tells him on arrival to pack his gear
Quickly throws him out into the street on his ear.
 What kind of mayor supports these idiots burning cars and attacking police in a mob repressive?
The scenes out of Hamburg should convince New Yorkers to vote out this misguided progressive

         © July 7, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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