Friday, July 7, 2017

MSM Slams Trump's Warsaw Speech

The Post, L.A. Times, The Atlantic and the rest of the MSM left were all over Trump’s Warsaw speech
A defense of Western Civilization, no more Obama apology outreach
A warning to the rogue nation that nukes and ICBM’s we and the civilized  world would not tolerate
On that issue there could be no further debate
Interrupted with applause of the Warsaw chanting USA, USA
When the microphones were stilled what did our MSM have to say?
Jonathan Capehart called it the white nationalist dog whistles being blown
Peter Beinart of The Atlantic castigated the audience for the anti Muslim rhetoric to not disown
Ridiculed Trump for the question does the West have the will to survive?
Fair question as Radical Islam does not want Christianity to survive
Ironic that Poland whose invasion prompted World War II
To be hit by the German and Soviet combo and then on VE Day by the Allies screwed
Poland is united with us because they have felt the oppression of the Russian Bear
Know the horrors of the liquidation of their officer corps at Kaytin, know Putin is a thug beyond compare
They are united with us because they have seen in Germany, France, Belgium and the UK
Of Sharia Law mandated non assimilation and jihad on display
Reading the op eds of Capehart and Beinart
Total lack of objectivity, knowledge of history and probably not very smart
 July 7, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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