Saturday, July 15, 2017

CBO Slams Trump Budget

The CBO on Trump’s budget on the impact on the deficit weighs in
The projections on growth and deficit reduction are pretty grim
The CBO casts doubt that the economy will grow by more than two percent
Some truth there as when it comes to tax reform and tax cuts the Blue gridlock will not be broken or even bent
Already the Blues are digging the trenches to tax reductions block
If no tax cuts look for a massive reduction in the market for stocks
For the Blues out of ideas that have any chance to actually work
With the Russian collusion delusion their rhetoric has gone beserk
The Blue view of Schumer and Pelosi is that Trump must be stopped at any cost
Still after eight months cannot believe that their failed candidate lost
Government programs are like cockroaches even with nukes impossible to reduce or destroy
Especially in Swamp speak a reduction in the rate of increase is a cut as the favored howls of protest to employ
For the Reds after railing against Obama most of the time
When it comes to fiscal restraint they are without spine
Unwilling to tackle the growth of entitlements that an aging population will entail
Unwilling to in any way meaningful deficits and the rise of our national debt curtail
Government programs are like rockets sent into the heavens to the solar system  explore
Up and away the chains of fiscal they completely can ignore
It matters not whether our politicians are Blues or Reds
Not concerned with solving the nation’s problems but getting reelected instead
© July 15, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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