Thursday, March 19, 2015

Will Iran v Israel Be Korean War Deja Vu?

The news headlines show a White House over Netanyahu’s win in a state of pique
Implying it’s time to support efforts of the UN to a two state solution seek
Kerry has already called Hamas before Obama congratulates Bibi after two days
What kind of support for Israel does this childish behavior display?
Words have consequences Josh Ernest intones and it may be time to our policy reassess
While we appear to be doing everything in Geneva to sign any agreement Obama can laud as a success
Obama may be a Constitutional scholar at least in terms of his words but not his Executive Action acts
But when it comes to history he is clueless about what sort of dangerous response his words may attract
Look only to South Korea and Dean Acheson’s January 12, 1950 speech
To the effect that South Korea would be beyond our defensive reach
Less than six months later North Korea believing since we had not armed we would not intervene
An invasion army on the border with massive numbers of tanks was convened
On June 25, 1950 the Korean War began
Driving the South and hasty U.S. reinforcements to the perimeter of Pusan
We, to Truman’s credit, did without hesitation or slow walk send in troops
All of the South lost we ultimately recouped
But by war’s end almost 37,000 Americans paid the butcher’s bill
Since the North did not understand Truman’s potential will
The North only wanted to reunite the country but Iran wants to Israel annihilate
If they believe the U.S. will not have Israel’s back will they for a moment hesitate?
I fear not if they feel they can get an agreement that creates a quick path to some nukes
The Chinese once viewed us as paper tigers and the Iranians view us in a possible defense of Israel a flock of chooks
If as many suspect the Israelis have ready to assemble weapons of mass destruction
The Middle East, if the Iranians so emboldened, attack will be in need of a great amount of reconstruction
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