Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Subpoena the Server

Hillary has more baggage than a queen going on a round the world cruise
 Even more baggage than Ismelda Marcos had with her 1000’s of pairs of shoes
We mere mortals would be facing jail if her acts we aped
As a graduate of the School of Law at prestigious Yale
She must know the consequences when evidence requested you destruct
No one should believe her as web of lame excuses she tries to to construct
Her moral and ethical compass has a mortal flaw
Like her husband she believes she is above the law
Time for Congress to double down on Hillary
Time to bring oout the heavy subpoena aftillery
No more if ands or buts
Time to reveal to the nation her attempts to records destruct
If she can have a tête-à-tête  with Obama to try to protect her deceptive ass
The top Reds should meet with him to demand for her no get out of jail pass
Unless unlike prior scandals which the DOJ has chosen not to pursue
Loretta Lynch commits to investigate Hillary’s potential obstruction of justice, her nomination Congress will eschew
It may be a forlorn hope but as a career D.A., Lynch may not be infected with Hillary’s flaw
What is more important than protecting Blues is for an AG to preserve and follow the rule of law
If someone believes that Hillary’s server has nothing to hide
She should have produced the server immediately so truth could be on her side
She did not due for a simple easy reason to understand
The server was clogged with conflicts involving her foundation gifts  from foreign lands
If this poet were the leaders of the Reds with Obama I would make a deal
Unleash the DOJ on this private email server and Obamacare we will not try to repeal
© March 31, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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