Monday, March 16, 2015

Who Do You Trust Not Hillary

When less than two years from now a voter prepares to cast his or her vote
Free of the sounds and images of a billion plus of ads to candidates promote
Hopefully the issue that will be first and foremost in the voter’s mind
Who can you trust to leave the Obama Pinocchio’s behind?
Honesty and transparency are goals we in the last 6 years have lacked
It should be time to have a chance to get those values back
The email private server is just a tip of an iceberg that was formed to deceive and conceal
Hillary is smarter than Obama so another Pinocchio President’s deceptions will be harder to reveal
If she signed as all mere mortals on leaving office are required to do form OF109
The fact of her private server two years later means she should be serving time
If she did not because she believed she was above protocol and the law
Like her honesty and integrity, any support for her to hold office is flawed
Every statement out of her mouth on the emails from the false claim of automatic preservation
Of emails to employees of this nation
To the emails between her and Bill of which we now know are two
Are part of a planned deception to keep us mere mortals from knowing what is true
Protecting privacy is the new mantra of those who Hillary’s run want to protect
In a rush to regardless of integrity or honesty a women president to elect
Maybe so but how could a woman who was using the office as a place to jog in place
For a desired 2016 campaign for president race
Send one out of every two emails she designated as personal as she was supposedly on our payroll
Flying in comfort around the world as we mere mortals in our daily struggles toil
This is more than where there is smoke there is fire
This is of Hillary’s deceptions and dishonesty we are tired
Although she has had enough time to erase she must turn over the server
To a neutral computer qualified observer
Her refusal should merely confirm what most Americans suspect
Trust trumps all issues, trumps all policies, trumps all stands
When it comes to trust this woman has none and 4 more years we cannot withstand
As usual true to Clinton form she’s hiding which is why we should not her elect
 © March 16, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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