Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bergdahl and Obama--Birds of the Same Feather

A soldier’s desertion in a combat zone
Is a shameful act of cowardice no one can condone
The act puts his or her fellow platoon members in harm’s way
The threads that bound a band of brothers in all dangers begin to fray
A cancer that morale of his fellow troops can easily infect
Destroy the higher calling to risk one’s life to his brothers in arms protect
In looking for him, Bergdahl’s platoon all could have been wounded or killed
Another minor, sad footnote to the growing war on terror butcher’s bill
But the war effort would and did continue in this wild and unconquered land
While the calls for immediate withdrawal the military has been able to withstand
Desertion from a post by an officer is a far more serious matter
The higher in rank the more the morale and fighting strength is shattered
If the rank is higher than a five star at the level of commander in chief
This nation not just its military is in a world of hurt, a world of mortal grief
Our president has deserted his post, cutting the military to the lowest levels not seen in many decades
Year by year during his administration its fighting capabilities he continued to degrade
He will not, cannot recognize or admit to the existence of the radical Islamic threat
While he seeks a “deal” in secret with Iran on nukes which we as a nation will come to regret
He misses most of his daily security briefings and to his military he turns a deaf ear
No wonder our allies don’t trust us and leaders like Putin have no fear
Obama will not meet with the new Secretary General of NATO in town for three days
Our largest treaty obligation and it merits a major snub; what signal to Putin does it convey?
Putin is eying the Baltics and the rest of Ukraine, threatening the Danes with nukes
Sending bombers and fighters into the Baltic Sea to test the level of our allies’ alerts
Almost every other leader of NATO countries have found the time to meet with this man
Obama has only time to attend an Obamacare event, a costly failure now impacting this land
In addition to sending pink slips to the junior officer corps, Obama hearing from his generals critical of him quickly tires
He has only not deserted his post as commander in chief when he exercises his authority to generals fire
The criticism may be harsh; but Obama is no longer at the commander in chief post save to push generals out
What sane commander in chief while the war on terror we still wage
Would release five key Taliban soldiers for a deserter from their Gitmo cage?
Some insight why he and  his minions defend Bergdahl’s exchange though the law on prior notice it did flout
After all Bergdahl and Obama as deserters are empathetic birds of the same feather
God help this ship of state as under Obama’s watch, helmless, it is sailing into really, deadly stormy weather
© March 26, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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