Friday, March 20, 2015

Clinton Foundation Donor List--Another Broken Promise

If you want to find corruption or influence pedaling the money trail you must follow
Once again another Hillary promise comes up hollow
Reuters has now learned that despite her agreement to disclose her Clinton Foundation donor list
Since 2010 updates of millions coming in from foreign governments ceased to exist
Just an "oversight" a loyal spokeswoman quickly said
Another reason to get a hold of her server that might reveal something more sinister instead
If she cannot keep a promise to the leader of her own party what chance will she keep a promise of transparency to us?
About as much chance as a Porsche 959 in a drag race being beaten by a passenger loaded bus
Anyone who believes the Saudis either the government or the royal family gave millions to cure AIDS
To the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State without a favor back to be conveyed
Is a person who is a fanatical Hilary supporter or one whose mental faculties have long since decayed
The Russian reset, Benghazi, the book tour, holding back government docs, private email server—this coronation march is becoming frayed
No one knew much about Obama and we all wanted in the depth of a recession to believe in his campaign of hope and change
Hillary is a far different case as she brings with her a lot of baggage from being for many years on the Washington stage
Any promise of transparency we know from her history like a hot rock she would quickly shed
Major problem since none of us mere mortals are Supermen blessed with eyes that could see though lead,
With this baggage, if Hillary were a man, the Blue list of hopefuls might outnumber the hopefuls in Red
Most likely any enthusiasm for her would be by the voters quickly and decisively shed
Except the most biased misogynist, we all would like to see a qualified woman the Oval Office occupy
But not by someone who at best only obfuscates, conceals, and hides, and at worse is too sly and seems to lie.
© March 20, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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