Thursday, March 19, 2015

Geneva the New Munich Obama the New Chamberlain

When it comes to obeying UN resolutions Iran has consistently gone its separate path
Despite the resolutions consistently pursuing its nuclear enrichment craft
When it comes to sponsoring terror Iran is at the top of the list
But for Assad it would be number one when it comes to killing its citizens who might resist
Where did Hamas get the thousands of  rockets used to Israelis try to kill?
Is there any sane person who believes a nuked armed Iran will its dream of Israeli not try to fulfill?
Even with sanctions Iran refuses to allow all of its facilities to be inspected
With sanctions off under this proposed appeasement deal how soon before all inspection rejected?
Why as a sponsor of terror does Iran need to uranium enrich when like 19 others it can easily the product buy
Iran’s need to enrich uranium for nuclear power cannot be justified
The only need to enrich is to make bombs so Israelis by the millions will die
Obama can only view Iran as he wishes it would be as daily its actions observing any agreement belies
Netanyahu was right as rain: the removal of sanctions with an end of its terror would have to go have in hand
Such a linkage seems like such a very simple basic demand
If so linked a step but before we start giving out high fives
Sadly Iran cannot be trusted and any agreement to end terror it would quickly defy.
Obama is the new Chamberlain without the accent or stately manner
But hell bent to have this country against jihad and terror raise the appeasement banner   
© March 19, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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