Saturday, March 28, 2015

Private Server Wiped Clean

Whether you like Hillary or not, one thing is certain—she is no fool
On Lois Lerner’s missing emails she watched and went to school
You can’t get caught if there is no paper or electronic trail
The opposition is rendered harmless and can only sputter and rail
Hillary must have known that to become Secretary of State
Would be the perfect platform to mark time for a 2016 campaign await
She could jet around the world exchanging favors for dollars to help her foundation grow
A classic example of a lapse of ethics and the unrestrained growth of quid pro quo
With a Secretary of State posting her speech revenue later could only increase
During her tenure by her design there was no Inspector General to her police
Slight bump on the road to coronation was the Benghazi mess
Her failure to come to Ambassador Stevens’ fatal distress
But like the cunning and meticulous woman she has always been
Create a private server and create the myth of personal emails only deleted in her for convenience spin
The time has come to subpoena the server though by now the chance to recover the deleted emails will be slim
So the chances of finding the truth on Benghazi and foundation conflicts will be pretty grim
Americans are not as stupid as Gruber thinks and her story of personal emails only deleted may not sell
Her credibility will be under the knicks of a thousand knives, and doubts over her honesty will not be quelled
Almost like her husband in an earlier time, “I did not have public text deletions with that server”
No one will believe her except for her most rabid supporters and observers
© March 28, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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