Thursday, March 5, 2015

When Will Hillary Tell Us Why?

In time of scandal it is easy to a judgment rush
But conducting all her State business on a private account may her campaign crush
At best using a private account to receive and transmit classified info shows judgment very, very poor
At worse it shows a complete abandonment of ethics which in a high office should be the controlling de rigueur
At worse it shows at plan of action from the time she became Secretary of State to violate document retention laws
Conceal whatever quid pro quo deals for contributions to her foundation; this could be her last hurrah
The House has subpoenaed her emails from her private server, a good first step
But if we do not get her server quickly that will be a delay we will regret
Destroying emails which many of us as part of a concealment will suspect
Forensic experts can in many cases detect
The House needs to obtain the names of those who created the private server and put them on a witness stand
For this scandal will not go away and should rapidly expand
She sent out a typical confusing tweet but has yet to tell us why
She did not have a government account to for official business rely
Less we forget, a true hero went down in flames for to his mistress reveal
Classified material the act of which he to federal officials tried to conceal
The DNC if they in the 2016 elections want to prevail
Better be looking to replace a candidate who may end up in jail
And Obama whose legacy is in grave doubt should distance his administration from her tout suite
Start doing what he does best and fund raise for another Blue rather than see his party go down in defeat
And go before the American people and express his outrage over her acts
Appoint a special prosecutor who will find the truth and not protect her back
© March 5, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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