Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nixon No Longer Poster Boy For Scandals

 If Nixon were alive today, he would be a happy man, watching Obama awash in scandals that seem to sweep over our ship of state almost on a daily basis, almost with the repetitive certainty of the tides. Each Obama scandal rehabilitates Nixon's standing in history.  In electing Obama, we failed to listen the time honored adage: "Deceive me once, shame on you. Deceive me twice, shame on me.                                                             
Sadly the photo above is worth a million words of truth
How did we ever make such a mistake on Obama twice in the voting booth?
The first time we were in the depths of a terrible recession
We all longed for the siren call of the hope and change procession
But the second time--shame on us; Gruber in his view of us was right
Maybe we as a people are not very smart or very bright
If I were to enhance the photo caption
To make it more of a political attraction
I would add “and Hillary” to the “Thank you Obama” phrase
Despite her growing list of baggage, we are still in a coronate Hillary phase
We elected Obama not because of his talent but because he was black
Condemned ourselves to 8 years not of moving forward but of moving back
If like lemmings heading blindly over the electoral cliff
We elect her because of her gender; brace yourself for four years of continuing decline and drift
© March 23, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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