Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mass Murder Suicide On German Wings

Depression must be a black hole where hope cannot escape
Where despair and demons continue to take shape
Where just trying to breath or move is hardly worth
Sadness, pain and despair only, alone with no love, laughter or mirth
Death by suicide becomes the only way to set one from depression free
So painful it is welcomed without reservation, welcomed with glee
But why in heaven’s name when a depressed mind welcomes suicide
Must he force all the passengers and crew on board the plane to join his deadly ride?
Humans commit suicide all the time but usually alone with or without a note
But mass murder at the same time, save by jihadists, is thank God very, very remote
I cannot imagine the terror that the screams convey as passengers now realize for them what is in store
The frantic and futile pounding of the captain pounding on the locked cabin door
Ten minutes to live, to a loved one in a seat say good bye
Two mothers trying to protect their infants knowing they will die
Ten minutes to relive one’s life and moan the goals and dreams not to be achieved
Ten minutes to try to make peace with God as from this earth one’s body will soon leave
At least the jet shot down over the Ukraine would have had the lives immediately snuffed out
Here the hysteria engulfing even the most devout and the bravest and most stout
An act of evil by this copilot, an act completely insane
Perhaps the 149 souls he chose to take with him might not have died in vain
A new world air safety standard like we have on American planes and planes heading to our shores
Always have two people in the cockpit remaining after a pilot or copilot opens the door
Like the FAA physical that makes sure a pilot's physical condition is such he can still fly
A thought to expand to the emotional and mental to insure he can go into the sky?
The effects of terror are long lasting, a white elephant “gift” that continues to give
911 has just claimed due to the locked cabin door response, another 149 innocents who wanted to live
© March 26, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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