Thursday, March 26, 2015

Drug Cartels Ply DEA Agents With Whores

In a keeping up with Jones type of scandal
The DEA is in the headlines; how many more of these can we handle
Like the Secret Service the DEA agents must be blessed with large lizard brains
From cavorting with whores these agents seem not to be able to refrain
How can the DEA effectively fight the cartels’ drug trade?
When compliments of the cartels they are without paying for it getting laid
From the EPA staffers watching porn or crapping in the halls
As opposed to what civilized people do by using the bathroom stalls
To the fatal record fudging of the VA
While patients were dying because of the delay
To the ATF trafficking in guns to the Mexican cartels
A never ending descent into a lack of accountability and ethics hell
To the Secret Service acting like drunken Keystone Kops
Not to mention potential criminal acts of the IRS suppression efforts; when will this mess ever stop
Maybe this sort of behavior has always existed but until Fox, never saw the light of day
As higher ups in federal agencies and mainstream media turned their eyes away
Having cartel supplied whores to provide the DEA agents with tricks
Is beyond disgusting and should make all of us sick
There can be no when in Rome, do as the Romans do excuse
No pure and simple this was an outrageous abuse
But like the infomercial there is more to this lack of accountability curse
And this little bonus offer is really worse
No one will be fired, no one will be forced to resign, no one will be shown the door
No one from the media save maybe Fox will follow to the White House this corrupt and disgraceful spoor
© March 26, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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