Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hillary's Campaign Mantra Income Inequality

It would appear Hillary’s campaign will be “incomes are too unequal”
Are we really ready for another potential eight years of a Clinton/Obama sequel?
For someone who makes several hundred thousand dollars to give a speech
Income that for the vast majority of Americans is totally out of reach
For someone who claims that with a 10 million dollar advance she was dead broke
Seem so out of touch with us mere mortals suffering under the consequences of Obama’s poor performance yoke
For someone who with a straight face can look into the audience and claim corporations don’t create jobs?
But loves to take all the money she can from the Wall Street large bonus receiving crony mob
For someone who chartered jets at her Foundation to always fly in luxury’s lap
For someone whose accomplishments at State were limited really to flying to many places on the map
For someone who it would appear pays her women on staff less than she pays her men
If one is best at being in touch with us mortals on inequality, on this sliding scale she’s at the bottom as a nine or ten
Her other issue seems to be the need to rebuild our cities with huge infusions of federal cash
Our cities hobbled by a war on school choice and poor schools where kids’ hopes and dreams are smashed
To a large extent with bloated pensions of public union are guilty of self inflicted fiscal suicide
It would appear she wants to take the taxpayers on a fiscally bankrupting ride
It is time for a wakeup call for how 20 trillion in debt will this nation’s options constrain
Why now is the time to start taking steps to the growth of our national debt constrain
The Marshal Plan that might work would be to dump Common Core into the trash
End public service unions and teacher tenure, and expand charter schools— acts that would not soak up much cash
Hillary will have to distance herself from Obama and keep Warren out of the race
It is clear she is moving left at what will be a faster and faster pace
© March 24, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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