Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bergdahl Charged With Desertion Obama Only AWOL

After a yearlong investigation, the Army confirmed what his squad members had long since known
Bowe Bergdahl had deserted his unit while it was serving in a combat zone
From a Rose Garden ceremony with Bowe’s parents at the White House
To Susan Rice, the video queen, and her praise of him the facts would soon dowse
To the revelation that one of the Taliban 5 is communicating with his fellow fighters in Afghanistan
To a charge of desertion bringing into focus how Obama when it comes to war on terror marches to a far different band
A court martial will soon follow and he will be accorded competent and free legal defense
Proof of his intent not to return must be proved by the Army to convict him of the desertion offense
Obama in his rush to close Gitmo down by exchanging the worst of the worst—the Taliban 5
Ignored the law on notice under a weak excuse that we had to move quickly to bring him back alive
Once again the leopard has shown his spots and for the law his complete and utter disdain
No wonder almost all of the House complained in a letter to him that a secret deal with Iran is one from which he must abstain
Five Taliban for one potential deserter is a bad deal but not the eve of destruction
But a deal with Iran which leads to its getting nukes by continuing centrifuge construction
Is a deal that puts a large part of the world at risk
It is a deal that the Congress must by veto proof margins rise up and resist 
From pulling out too quickly in Iraq, to the view of ISIS as a jayvee team, to Yemen is a success
Obama time and time again when it comes to our security everything he touches turns into a complete mess
© March 25, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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