Monday, March 30, 2015

One Email from Disaster Where Is the New Deep Throat

Even Nixon during the depths of the Watergate scandal
Could not force himself to evidence destroy or mishandle
Hillary who was on the Watergate investigating team
Obviously not so constrained with her personal deletion only scheme
30,000 emails that she alone was the public or private content judge
No wonder on the release of her server, she refuses to budge
Anyone who believes her statement that personal only is a complete fool
Needs to put on a dunce hat and sit on a corner stool
How many emails on yoga, wedding dresses, or truly personal stuff
Would she have the need to send so her coronation the voters will rebuff?
For every “public” email sent one private one according to her went into cyber space
Believable only if you are fanatic supporter and into the White House you want her to be placed
Wiping her private email server clean smacks of evidence she had to destruct
Looks like clearly justice she chose to obstruct
For six years Obama’s deceit and nontransparency we Americans have had to suffer
While the president was protected by the bullet proof Holder buffer
One can only hope there are recipients of the “private” emails that have the courage to be a new and needed “deep throat”
Revealing emails so to the trash heap of deception her coronation quest sent along with a righteous rejected vote
Hillary is probably the most calculating, well planning person on the American political landscape
To think she would not release emails that would help her private use case is as believable as Nixon claiming nothing damning on the Watergate tapes
We are ready for a woman president; we should have a woman president but not this one
Too much deception, too little honesty, too much concealment, too little transparency—
 all add up to a coronation we should shun
© March 30, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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