Thursday, March 19, 2015

Teacher For A Day=36 Grand Pension?

The news out of Illinois is a glaring example of why we need to scrap public pensions and replace them with 401ks
You cannot believe this; but in Illinois by working as a substitute teacher for one and only one day
David Piccilio may have a pension of an additional $36,000 a year coming his way
Another example of how legislators must be under the public union’s contributions sway
The Illinois legislature in a moment of “wisdom” created a loophole in its pension law
Which retiree political activist Piccilio on retirement quickly saw
For reasons that can be only explained in a rush to obtain contribution cash
Teachers even part time can use time as a union rep to increase their pension stash
In a close the gate after the horses have already left moment, finally the state ended such loophole abuse,
Lowered the benefits of those who used it but is being sued because pensions cannot be reduced
Illinois faces over 100 billion dollars of future pension costs it cannot pay
Piccilio’s law suit even prevents COLA decreases as a means to those liabilities defray
In the same way that a taxpayer can take any deduction to keep his taxes low
It is hard to fault Piccilio for taking what the legislature in its “wisdom” elected to bestow
Lest we feel sorry for him that with a loss of the 36 grand he will be in poverty’s grip
He already has into two public pensions doubled dipped.
If he can look himself in the mirror: “this is extra pension money for one day’s work that I truly do not deserve,”
He might sleep better at night and aid in steps the state must take to reform pensions to so preserve
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