Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cheating at Stanford?

Stanford’s reputation for learning continues to grow
All sorts of honors and fame on its faculty and alums the world bestows
It is a place of higher learning from which new ideas, new companies so easily flow
Freedom for the academic and intellect winds of freedom to blow
From the foothills to the bay, hail Stanford hail!
So sad to learn now of concerns over cheating on a massive scale
Cheat to get a better grade to get into a better graduate school
One cheats oneself by not learning the needed academic tools
Cheat at Stanford and the punishment is a mere slap on the wrist
One quarter suspension and 40 hours of service; no wonder the sirens of grad school hard to resist
To protect an academic reputation alums and the world hold dear
Maybe like the service academies the punishment must be more severe
No one wants to be perceived as a snitch by cheating of another to reveal
But a silent observer is just as bad when another’s faults he or she conceals
The fact that cheating at other schools seems to be an increasing trend is no excuse
Cheating in class more likely than not will mean all aspects of like one will play fast and loose
Honor, integrity, honesty, ethics are not just words that look good on paper or sound good to hear
They are the foundations of a moral code to enable us to like the moral reflection we see when look in a mirror
To the one in twenty who applied to Stanford and were enrolled
Cheating is like playing Russian roulette and will ultimately cheat you of all your material and moral goals!
© March 29, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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