Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cruz and Country Music Slammed by MSNBC

If you want to see media bias alive and well
Wanting any conservative to go to hell
Look no further than the left wing bigots poising as journalists on MSNBC
Clearly when it comes to objectivity the likes of Sharpton and Lemieux are at sea
Even country music favored by Cruz is tagged
Listen to it per Lemieux and some Muslims you can load up and bag
I feel for Cruz and the extremist label on him the left will try to pin
Anything to insure that the royal lady in 2016 wins
I can almost see the Blues opening up the 64 ad vault
Watching a map of the U.S. with New York under a saw’s assault
Or the little girl slowly picking petals from a daisy on a TV screen
Only to vanish under the largest mushroom cloud you have ever seen
Cruz will be demonized 24/7 as a whacko extremist
While no critical examination of the lack of Hillary’s record will be allowed to exist
Any critique of her will be labeled as "sexist" and should not be permitted
Nothing must stand in her way of being to the White House being admitted
In her last 300 grand speech on camping out
She pled for the compromise route
Sounded good but time will only tell if like Obama’s hope, change and transparency was only talk
High sounding words soon to be lost in her relentless White House campaign stalk
Maybe her friends of HRC missed that speech
Where she talked of compromise that her husband did teach
Compromise by the Blues and Hillary would be a worthy goal
But I fear quickly sacrificed on the altar of the need to win the White House goal
© March 26, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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