Sunday, March 8, 2015

UCI Students Act of Banning Old Glory Overturned

UCI is quickly on the path to becoming a university in the top tier
Schools of Engineering, Law and Business have few peers
Not sure where its Social Ecology in the academic universe stands
But the latest outburst from one of its students says that tax dollars to it should never expand
Matthew Guevara, a Saul Alinsky protégé, on the UCI student board to make UCI more culturally inclusive
Managed to pass a resolution banning Old Glory in the student lobby as to minorities it was too obtrusive
This renowned social ecologist ranted that the flag was a symbol of colonialism and oppression
And despite the sacrifices of millions of men and women over the years defending this nation its presence was worthy of suppression
One common language even with many different tongues in homes across the land
One National Anthem that when played we, hats off, hand over heart, almost always stand
One flag with 13 stripes and since 1959 50 stars
Waved and displayed as a symbol of unity and to tyranny and oppression bar
Walk the streets of almost any city North, South, East or West
When it comes to being inclusive of race and creed we must be the best
Cooler student heads managed to send Guevara’s act into the trash heap
A first generation American student body president insured the lobby Old Glory will keep
If you go into a forest, listen to the young trees weep and see them shake in the absence of wind
It’s from the dread of becoming paper for the senseless tomes of the social ecologist Murray Bookchin
No wonder after reading him Guevara’s head is either in the clouds or buried in the sand
One can only hope some bit of common sense at UCI in four years in his head lands
Because of this flag he wanted to supplant
He has the freedom to on banning it rave and rant
But for his sake and the sake of his parents one would also hope
That burdened with a social ecology degree finding a job will not be beyond his scope
© March 8, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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