Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Choke FDIC And Its Operation Choke Point

Pity a store that sells tobacco or guns, operates a casino or makes short term loans
Operation Choke Point just another example of an abusive government we need to dethrone
A program designed to halt the flow of funds to and from illegal acts or terrorists
Has expanded beyond its scope making it hard for some legal businesses to exist
The FDIC is on the House hot seat for pressuring the banks
To say to the above businesses in essence as to your business no thanks
Its head Gruenberg is being told he should step down
Putting legal businesses out of business is something on which most of us frown
As usual in the Obama administration, no accountability, no one loses a job
Not a one from this overzealous, misguided regulatory mob   
Since when does the FDIC under its regulatory guise of insuring the safety of financial institutions
Have the power to force the owners of disfavored but legal businesses into destitution?
Just like the IRS without proof coming in to small businesses depositing cash
To seize their assets while the hopes and dreams of the owners are then smashed
Congress needs to act and send a bill to Obama’s desk to rein in the FDIC
No more Choke Point on businesses because the legal products or services this administration disagrees
Will next on the Choke Point list be fast food restaurants and the makers and sellers of unhealthy snacks
Who violate Michelle Obama’s fanatical zeal to get this country on a healthier eating track?
© March 25, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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