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Ridley's Believe It Or Not December 19, 2023


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             On the Presidential Election front, 4 justices of the Colorado Supreme Court appointed by Blues have made infamous history by tossing due process out the window and replacing it with Trump is guilty until proven innocent and an indictment not a guilty verdict by a jury is an “insurrection and grounds for removing Trump from the Colorado Republican Ballot. Kudos to the 3 Justices in the minority who wrote scathing dissents. Removing the presumptive nominee of the Reds for President is a heinous ends justify the means that is tantamount to the threat to end democracy of this nation. Hopefully SCOTUS will overturn the decision and remand these 4 Justices to a course on due process guaranteed by our Constitution.
             On the Hamas Israeli War, the UN Security Resolution  calling for a ceasefire to enable humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza has been postponed to try to craft language relating to a “suspension of hostilities” to get the U.S. to not veto the resolution by a least abstaining from voting as the daily scenes of more dead and maimed Gazans are not playing well throughout the world. Israel has walked back its demand that all hostages be released before a ceasefire to evidently propose a one week ceasefire in exchange for the release of 40 hostages.
             On the illegal immigration front, a civil rights group, ignoring the clear and convincing evidence before their very eyes that Texas is being invaded by the daily
10,000+ illegals, has filed a lawsuit seeking to enjoin implementation of the statute. Our dysfunctional Senate has informed us it is still stalled in efforts to craft legislation to secure the border so any vote on Ukraine and Israel military air is pushed over to next week.
            On the COVID-19 front, the CDC has warned the latest variant known as JN.1 is rapidly spreading with it responsible for 20% of new cases but it is claiming there should be no concern for people who want to travel over the Christmas weekend which will be challenging due to weather but will experience some relief as the military will open up some of its restricted space to commercial air travel. 
             December 19, 2023  Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: National Oatmeal Muffin Day: Created in 2022 first celebrated on this day in 2022  by the National Day Calendar® and the Beach Body Company, a publicly held company offering both streamed and live fitness and nutrition programs as well as a broad range of products to enhance fitness. Easy to celebrate this day by either buying some oatmeal muffins or making them yourself to enjoy a high fiber, low fat snack.
             Word of the Day: The word of the day as we continue with words starting with “b” is “bombosity” which means the buttocks which is a part of the body that has a tendency to attract fat buildup.
              Song of the Day: Leaving the number 1 songs  on this day in 1940’s to come back to the number song in 2006 in the U.S.A.  was  “Irreplaceable”  by Beyoncé  on a run of 3 weeks to share number 1 status with 18 other songs, while 20 acts, achieved their 1st number 1 single. Here is a music video of Beyoncé performing “Irreplaceable”: watch?
               December 19 Birthdays: “Portraying Life As It Is”: celebrating the birthday on this day in 1957 in Paris of Cyril Collard, young aspiring French author, filmmaker, composer, musician and actor who was very open about his bisexuality and HIV Positive status but died from AIDS on March 5, 1993.
               December 19 Historical Events in Rhyme
               1.      On this day in 2016 Anis Amri, a Tunisian who had been denied asylum status in Germany in Berlin hijacked a semi-truck/After killing the driver he drove the truck into a Christmas market to drive amok/Killed 12 and injured 56 others, 1 of whom would die from his injuries after 5 years/To then flee the scene before police could appear/With the EU’s open borders in the next 3 days took a train to Nijmegen, the Netherlands,  then a bus to Lyon, France then a train to Chambéry to Milan via Turin trying to disappear/Looking like a terrorist on the run and suspicious in Milan when 2 police asked to search his backpack/He immediately fired back wounding 1 before being shot dead to end his attack.
               2.      On this day in 2012 Park Geun-hye broke the political glass ceiling in South Korea when she followed in the footsteps of her father Park Chung Hee/To become the first elected female to South Korea’s Presidency/She sought closer ties with the U.S. and suggested steps to take the North and South unify/Looking forward to running for a second term when a close aide’s influence peddling would that idea deny/Impeached and removed from office and sentenced to 24 years/But pardoned on compassionate grounds by her successor and 2012 opponent Moon Jae-in and released on December 31, 2021 to at her home on March 24, 2022 appear.
               3.      On this day in 1998 the sexual harassment claims by Paula Jones against Bill Clinton came home to roost/Clinton was charged by Independent Counsel Ken Starr with perjury and obstruction of justice with the background of Moncia Lewinsky scandal to chances of impeachment given a boost/The House with 5 Blues also voting to impeach, Clinton became the second impeached president/Off to the Senate for trial the Articles of Impeachment soon went/The Senate along mostly party lines voted to acquit/Although a majority of Americans supported impeachment and Gingrich touting Reds would pick up some 30 seats, they lost 5/Gingrich resigned and Republican control in the Senate in the 2000 election did not survive.
             4.      On this day in 1984 China and Great Britain agreed/That on July 1, 1997 Hong Kong back to China Britain would cede/A prosperous nation with freedoms the CCP would slowly repeal/The people of Hong Kong were short changed in the Hong Kong “special circumstances” cecession deal.
             5.      On this day in 1941 with Operation Typhoon coming to a failed end/With Soviet Red Army resurgence starting to become the rising trend/Adolph Hitler in a move that would result in disaster and disaster/Appointed himself as Oberkommando des Heeres which required military training and skills that were beyond Hitler’s ability to master.
             Quote  by William Nee, Research and Advocacy Coordinator at China Human Rights Defenders: “Good old Hong Kong was an ecosystem that had something to offer everyone: efficient and clean bureaucracy, courteous and professional police, an excellent education system for locals and expats, world-class universities, free media, an exciting arts scene, and cultural events.

Hong Kong was a great place for China-watching. It was where journalists, academics, international non-governmental organizations, local groups, and China-based ones gathered to learn from one another, exchange ideas, receive training, and just to have fun. Liberal Chinese would come to seek education and carry out human rights work, while corrupt officials would come park their dirty money. Of course, it had plenty to offer those who worked in international finance.”

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