Friday, December 22, 2023

Colorado Supreme Court Turns Justice Upside Down Finds Trump Guilty of Insurrection By Not Proving His Innocence and Dumping Due Process


For years the mantra of Blues has been "Reds are democracy’s biggest threat"
That the right to vote under Reds has been under the biggest assault yet
From requiring voter ID, to preventing mail in ballots not to just those who demand
To preventing harvesting of ballots or drop off ballot boxes with no supervision on hand
Steps taken to insure valid ballots are not cancelled by those that reek of fraud
Blasted as means to prevent voting for those of color which is clearly outlawed
Today the mantra is revealed as a dangerous smokescreen
The biggest real threat to our democracy we have yet seen
4 Blue Justices on Colorado’s Supreme Court to 3 fellow dissenting Blues turned a deaf ear
To render a decision that should leave over 74 million voters outraged and shaking in fear
Ruled that Trump was guilty of “insurrection” against the U.S.
When several thousand unarmed protestors at and in the Capitol to alleged voter fraud protest
The only person who was shot and died was an unarmed female vet shot by a Capitol cop
To turn that protest into an “insurrection” is clearly the ends justify the means over the top
Over 1,100,000 Americans were killed or wounded in the insurrection called the Civil War
While historians argue that the real number was  not less but more
The only investigation by the House was by a committee that Pelosi protocol ignored
To anyone to serve appointed by the Minority leader she closed the door
The court on this biased kangaroo committee rush to judgment to an insurrection pronounce
And in so doing the foundation of our criminal justice of innocent until proven guilty chose to renounce
To deprive 74 + million Americans of their right to cast a vote for whom they chose
Is a day in which our democracy without any doubt in big way will lose
Blues due to Anita Hill added to the English language “to be Borked”
To describe to in a nomination or goal insert a fork
With this decision we now have a another meaning for “Trumped”
To describe any conservative candidate from the ballot that must be dumped
Because of Trump's leading in the race
To a demented, cognitive failure to replace
After 4 years of the false Russian collusion
And the Hunter Biden laptop misinformation illusion
The second impeachment 7 days before his term would end
Acquitted by the Senate as a private citizen after Trump 1 would him to Mir-A-Lago send
Blues in a state of absolute depression
Strategy of impeachment failed to yield his running for office repression

© 12/22/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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