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             After some hundred drone and missile attacks on U.S. bases in Syria and Iraq by Iran backed militia groups and an attack by a one way drone at a base near Erbil, Iraq that wounded 3 Americans, Biden whispered in a frail weak voice enough and the U.S. struck back at 3 facilities with no mention of casualties there as Iraq slams the attacks, claiming 1 dead and 18 wounded including civilians.
              Fighting in Southern Gaza is intensifying and looking like the basement to basement in Stalingrad and the tunnel fighting in Vietnam as Netanyahu lays down criteria for a cease fire-(1) Gaza must be demilitarize with a temporary secure zone between Egypt and Gaza to prevent the flow of weapons into Gaza, (2) Hamas must be destroyed and (3) like Germany was denazified, Palestine must be deradicalized with imams now teaching that Paradise is barred to those who kill Jews.
              On the Hamas Israeli Propaganda a new progressive front Doctors Against Genocide who are demanding a ceasefire to end the “genocide” due to backlash from social media have cancelled an “anti-Genocide event at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.
              On the international piracy front, the Iran back Houthi rebels in Yemen attacked another container ship in the Red Sea inflicting no injuries but raising the ante that the world of civilized nations really need to band together to force Iran to end its support of the Houthi and increase aid to Yemen to defeat them.
              On the celestial doomsday front the giant asteroid Apophis  aka the “God Of Chaos will be nearing Earth but scientists are assuring us it will not strike Earth in the next 100 years which should give us plenty of time to land and explode numerous nukes to divert it or break it into numerous less catastrophic pieces.
             December 26, 2023  Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: Boxing Day: Celebrated in the United Kingdom on the day after Christmas and most countries that were ruled by England or part of the British Commonwealth by the wealthy giving boxes containing gifts to their servants, hired help and trade people but since the handover of Hong Kong to China, no longer there.                               Word of the Day: The word of the day as we continue with words starting with “b” is brachydactylous” which means having short or stubby fingers which is usually the kiss death to one who aspires to be a classical piano player or wants to excel texting messages on a smart phone.
              Song of the Day: Leaving the number 1 songs  on this day in 1940’s to come back to the number song in 1999 in the U.S.A.  was  “Smooth”  by Santana feat. Rob Thomas of 10 weeks to share number 1 status with 14 other songs, while 10 acts , including Santana and Rob Thomas, achieved their first 1st number 1 single. Here is a music video with lyrics of Santan feat. Rob Thomas performing “Smooth”:
               December 26 Birthdays: “The Kind of Fame One Would Want to Avoid”: celebrating or bemoaning depending on your political affiliation the  birthday on this day in 1942 in the Bronx of Gray Davis, a 2 term California Governor  who made history as only the 2nd governor to be impeached shortly into his 2nd term and replaced by the “Terminator.”
               December 26 Historical Events in Rhyme
               1.      On this day in 2012  China opened for service the world’s longest high speed railroad from Beijing to Guangzhou (once known as Canton)/With speeds so fast no need for sleepers to travel on/At speeds that make Amtrak look like its pulled by teams of horses/Which explains why Amtrak on its long distance slow speed passenger service is a massive red ink source.
               2.      On this day in 2006, 2 6.and 7.0 Richter scale earthquakes hit Hengchun, Taiwan/Causing only 2 deaths but massive communications disruptions to bring on/ To submarine cables thought to be safe on the ocean floor/Communications severed that took a good time to restore.
               3.      On this day in 2004 we were reminded the Richer number measures severity as exponential/In the Indian Ocean a 9.1-9.3 Earthquake would introduce a good part of coastal and inland Asia to its full deadly potential/Creating one of the largest tsunamis with wave heights and flooding waters  ever witnessed by man/Surging flood waters to hit India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand/ When the flood waters finally receded, survivors who grieved the 227,898 dead across those flood soaked lands.
              4.      On this Day in 1994 in Algeria 4 Jihadist terrorists hijacked Air France Flight 8969 before taking off for Paris, France/With plans to into the Eiffel Tower in a crash advance/Killed 3 hostages before taking off to Marseilles/After being on power on the ground burned too much fuel to send them to Paris on their way/Hijackers did not know the Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale was waiting to storm the plane/A 20 minute gunfight ensued but all 4 hijackers died in vain/Plane was riddled with bullets and would never again fly/ Commandos were wounded but not serious enough to future service deny.
              5.      On this day in 1862/In a two month 303 trial transcripts by President Lincoln review/In what should be viewed as one largest miscarriages of justice in our Native American dealings/Lincoln commuted 264 guilty verdicts and authorized the hanging of 37 convicted of murder and 2 for rape that should even today leave us with a profound guilt feelings/largest number of executions in a single day/A historic stain on our ideals that may never go away.
              Quote on the mass hanging of the Dakotas on December 26, 1862 by Carol Chomsky writing in the Stanford Law Review:  The Dakota were tried, not in a state or federal criminal court, but before a military commission composed completely of Minnesota settlers. They were convicted, not for the crime of murder, but for killings committed in warfare. The official review was conducted, not by an appellate court, but by the President of the United States. Many wars took place between Americans and members of the Indian nations, but in no others did the United States apply criminal sanctions to punish those defeated in war.


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