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December 29,2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not

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             Maine Blue  Secretary of State Sheena Bellows who based on her bias decided to remove Trump is getting a lot of flak from Red Maine legislators who want to her to be impeached from Blue legislators who since Trump was not impeached her attempt to ban him has jumped the gun. Her stunt and the Colorado Supreme Court early banning Trump attempt and the California Secretary of State wanting to follow the State Constitution to keep him on should mean SCOTUS has to weigh in hopefully with not a 5-4 but a 9-0 ruling that banning him without due process is  like dumping the rule of law into a trash bin.     
             On the need for humanitarian aid to the Gazans, 81 truckloads of food and medicine entered through checkpoints which the UN blasted as not enough  so Gazans remain in a world of hurt which could be ended in a heartbeat if Hamas released the over 100 hostages it holds which it will not do since it would expose Hamas hiding in the numerous tunnels to forced evacuation or drowning.
               In Ukraine, massive missile and drone strikes against almost exclusively civilian targets with Putin emboldened by signs support for Ukraine from the EU is fading away. The mass drone and missile attack may have been in response to Ukraine’s severely damaging a Landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet.
               On the ban Trump from the ballot in Colorado front, the Colorado GOP filed an appeal with SCOTUS prompting the Colorado Secretary of State to put Trump’s name on the primary ballot on January 5, 2024 unless SCOTUS affirms the Colorado Supreme Court ruling or refuses to take up the case. Hopefully this ruling will put a damper on the more that dozen cases filed in state courts trying to keep Trump off the ballot other than Maine whose Blue Secretary of State Sheena Bellows after an “administrative hearing” ruled Trump had participated in an insurrection and barred him being of the ballot which will be appealed and gives greater urgency for SCOTUS to rule on the ability of Secretaries of State to remove a candidate from the ballot on a charge that he or she participated in an insurrection.
              On the illegal surge front a caravan of illegals totaling more 8,000 has just crossed into Mexico’s southern border with the organizer a zealot open border proponent bragging that it will near 15,000 when it reaches the U.S. while Blinken is hand in hand visiting Mexico seeking their assistance in securing their southern border. So far only Texas has recognized what the surge of illegals really is—an invasion mostly without arms and is now arresting illegals crossing into Texas which Arizona, New Mexico and most importantly California should follow coupled with no aid and assistance and sending them back home which cause illegal immigration to dry up overnight.
              The cry in California by surfers of “Surf’s Up” has been drowned out by cries of the “Surf’s Really, Really Up” as waves in the 20 to 40 feet range have been hitting California north of Ventura to the Bay Area.
               SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket has been launched carrying the secret uncrewed probe X-37B deep into the cosmos in a mission believed to focus on how to sustain life in deep space hostile environments.
               Boeing’s 737 Max continues to be in the news that the company does not want to hear, as it is this notifying customers to be aware of loose or missing bolts being discovered in routine maintenance checks.
             Sam Bankman-Fried received some good news that prosecutors will not being going to trial on additional fraud allegations that were not included in his first trial paving the way for him to be sentenced to what good be a very long time in prison.                                           December 29, 2023  Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
              Noted Holidays: National Get On the Scales Day: Clueless who or when created this holiday but if you are an average American between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve you probably have gained 6 pounds and knowing how much you weigh gives you an idea of how much you might want to lose to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the coming year.
              Word of the Day: The word of the day as we continue with words starting with “b” is “brasero” which means a place where criminals and heretics were burned and on October 7, 2023 Israelis living on the Gaza by Hamas terrorists.
              Song of the Day: Leaving the number 1 songs  on this day in 1940’s to come back to the number song in 1996 in the U.S.A.  was  “Un-Break My Heart”  by Toni Braxton on a run of 4 to share number 1 status with 8 other songs, while 8 acts, including Toni Braxton, achieved their first 1st number 1 single. Here is a music video with lyrics of Toni Braxton performing “Un-Break My Heart”:
               December 29 Birthdays: “Breaking Another Glass Ceiling”: Celebrating the
birth on this day on December 29, 1947 in Pago Pago, American Samoa
Aumua Amata to become the first Republican and the first woman to represent American Samoa as a nonvoting member of House but able to debate on vote on issues in committees in which she serves on.
               December 29 Historical Events in Rhyme
               1.      On this day in 2006 a loan of $3.75 billion with interest at 2 %/The final payment to discharge the debt was sent/Made by the U.S. as the British economy was near meltdown on July 15, 1946 with a term of 50 years with repayments in 1950 beginning to commence/Some of the funds were to be used for needed food and consumer goods but as the Cold War increased dollars were spent on restoring Britain’s defenses/6 years of extensions when exchange rates were crippling/But paid off to the last pence while our erstwhile allies the Soviets the chances of repayment to zero were quickly dwindling.
               2.        On this day in 1998 in what has to rank as the most severe what took you so long to apologize/The delay of the apology by the leaders of the Khmer Rouge for the genocidal demise/In his zeal to Mao and his Cultural Revolution ape/Khmer Rouge dictator Pol Pot embarked on turning Cambodia in to utopian rural state/Abolished private property, forced urban dwellers into collective farms where they starved and 2 million died/Over worked and stripped of Buddhism any chance  of the promised utopia denied.                                      3.       On this day in 1994 Turkish Airlines Flight Number 278/On a flight from Ankara, Turkey to Van, Turkey and trying to land was told to wait/Pilot ignored with visibility almost zero dui to blizzard snow/and on third try into the hillside the plane would go/A crew of 7 and 69 passengers were on board/For ignoring a call to not land 5 crew and 52 passengers died and the others survived with serious injuries as their reward.
               4.      On this Day in 1975 at La Guardia Airport at TWA’s area for baggage claim/A bomb in a coin operated locker had exploded to kill and maim/Estimated to have the force of 25 sticks of dynamite/Fortunately 30 minutes after 2 arriving flights/With 200 packed together now gone after suitcases mostly picked up suitcases/Death count was only 11 with 74 wounded waiting for transportation or cab and limo drives when the bomb would erupt/Although some have a link to The Croatian terrorist group OTPOR suggested/No one has been ever arrested.
               5.      Cecille B. De Milles on this day in 1913/Began filming for the Silver Screen/The Squaw Man, a silent was 74 minutes long filmed in Hollywood and a profit made/Soon Hollywood would be the film capital with many more movies in a never ending parade.
               Quote on the Cambodian Genocide by Dith Pran on the death of Pol Pot in 1998, quoted in the Times:
               “This is sad for the Cambodian people because he was never held accountable for the deaths of 2 million of his fellow countryman. The Jewish people's search for justice did not end with the death of Hitler and the Cambodian people's search for justice doesn't end with Pol Pot.” 

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